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Nodus Textile Fittings


Any Port Marine are proud to distribute the innovative range of textile fittings from Nodus 

The marine hardware market is undergoing an evolution to replace metal fittings with textile fittings - Nodus is a leader in this evolution.

By utilising an innovation in fastener systems, Nodus Factory is making a revolution in deck hardware with patented Veritas-certified Shackles, Snap Shackles, Loops, Strops and Straps.

With their knowledge of modern textile fibres acquired through extensive research and development, Nodus Factory has developed a wide range of products to make sailing safer and easier.  

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The best way to learn about the Nodus Factory range is to see how the different products work. Follow the link to the Nodus Youtube channel for more information. 

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Nodus Shackles with Karver Blocks