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Karver - Pure Performance Deck & Mast Gear

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 Any Port Marine are proud to be the Australian distributor for Karver Systems.

Karver was created in 2004 after identifying a gap in the sailing market: the arrival of dyneema textile links to replace stainless steel links (shackles) and an increasing disparity between the advanced design of sailboats and deck fittings, which remained very traditional in appearance. 

All new products have technological innovations (about fifteen patents), a bold step forward in the state of the art design. Product conception is based on the fundamental principle of  simple and efficient technology supported by a sleek design. 

Developing solutions with racing teams (America's Cup, Hydroptère, Vendée Globe), has led to a flow-on effect with a range of products that can provide performance enhancing solutions for all types of Sailboats.  

Products used and approved by racing teams appeal to the cruising market as these products are technically easy to use, reliable, stronger and inherently better performing. 

An example of this is the Karver range of furlers which have, for many years, been a reference for quality and performance. They possess many advanced technical features that are very popular with racers and cruisers alike; weight, dimensions, low friction, load capacity, etc, as well as the automatic locking system of the cog-wheel, all of which appeals to sailors looking for simplicity, reliability and security.

The Product Range

Karver Furlers

Karver Furlers, Furlers, structural furlers, endless line furlers, Spinnaker furlers

  We have a range of  innovative continuous line furlers and accessories for all the front sails: staysails, code sails, assymetric spinnakers. The Karver furler range sets the benchmark with standard features that are only options with other brands. 

  • Quick use captive pins
  • Easy and quick continuous line intallation
  • Unique drum locking mechanism
  • 35% lighter and more compact than competition-more compact means more sail area
  • Super low friction bearings for easier furling
  • Composite shock absorbent spool protects the drum, the sail and the deck from impact 

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Karver: The Locking Device Specialists

Halyard locks, reef locks, Furling halyard locks, Karver halyard locks, KHL halyard lock


The Karver range of locking devices ensure you get the best out of your sails. 

Installing a Karver lock makes it possible to avoid a halyard stretch thus releasing the full power of the sails.

They also save weight and cost as the diameter of the halyard can be reduced as it no longer carries the load of the sail when sailing. The installation of a halyard lock also reduces compression in the mast as the halyard is no longer strained.                                                  

It would be a mistake to think that these advantages are only for the racing scene. A gain in weight aloft results in better boat stability by decreasing the pitching and rolling in heavy weather conditions in all types of boats. 

We can supply locks for Halyards, Mainsails and reefs. 

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Karver Winches

Four speed winches, Pontos winches, Karver winches, compact winches, fast winches, power winches




Karver winches are equipped with a double gear mechanism, a classic first stage identical to current winch design and a second consisting of an epicyclic gear. This patented technology is used for the first time on a winch and has the effect of multiplying efforts. Our winches are either 6 times faster than any other winch on the market (Speed Range), or 3 times more powerful (Power Range).

We also have a the Compact 2 speed  winch with the power of a winch 45 but the size of a winch 20.

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Karver Blocks

Karver blocks, rope blocks, strong blocks, sailing blocks, KBO blocks, KB blocks, round blocks

 Karver lashing blocks are utilise modern rope technologies to replace metal shackles with soft lashings allowing for higher working loads. Featuring high working loads and low friction ratio make Karver blocks the lightest and most efficient on the market 

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Karver Jammers & Deck Equipment

Karver jammers, clutches, constrictors, mast jammers, mast clutches, jaws handle, Karver KJH handle


Karver are the rope holding specialists.

This range includes typical hardware you can find on deck: Jammers, cam cleats, organizers, foot blocks. On deck, it is innovation that will make life simpler and more efficient. It is in this range that you will find the most innovative Jammer to date: The KJ with its three circular jaws that secure the line evenly. 

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Karver Mast & Boom Equipment

Mast slides, mast track, gaff lock, headboard car, headboard slide, karver mast slides, Karver KMS


The KMS full batten system aims towards performance. The product line suits racers, blue water cruisers and Super Yachts looking for quality, reliability and weight saving. Each model (KMS30, KMS40, KMS40, KMS60, KMS80 & KMS100) can feature a headboard car locking solution. 

Karver cars can be also installed on other brands tracks 

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Karver - One Step Ahead

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