As the first product designed by Ino-Rope, the Ino-Block is a textile block produced in series, based on an innovative patented concept. Extremely simple (5 parts) and efficient, the Ino-Block is lighter than all the other traditionnal blocks on the market thanks to its textile technology. It is also more reliable (highly resistant Dyneema® axle) and its materials were selected to last longer (no ball bearing or metallic pieces inside). The Ino-Block's range covers all working loads and adapts to any situation: "classical" block (Ino-Block), snatch block (Ino-Snatch Block) and ending block (Ino-Ending). The Ino-Block textile concept has been approved by open sea racers in the most extreme conditions. With its extraordinary strength and unique lightness, the Ino-block is a proof of reliability and performance.  


  We also have an accessories range that aims at improving and facilitating sailing. Ino-Stopper, I-Bone, Ino-Padeye etc.   

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