Marinaquip Docking Wheels

Marinaquip Docking Wheels


Docking Wheels are a rolling “bumper” device designed to assist with smooth docking manoeuvres, while also offering protection to both the boat and the dock.

Marinaquip was drawn to the problems associated with other products when they were asked by a world renowned marina builder to design an improved solution.

The issues were two-fold. First, from the marina operator’s 

perspective, most docking wheel brackets are far too flimsy and undersized. This opened up the possibility of applied force 

dislodging the fasteners, releasing the bracket and damaging

the dock walers. Second, from the boat owner’s perspective, too 

many of the lower priced market offerings are pneumatic, 

meaning that the wheel itself can over-compress and not provide enough cushioning to protect the boat from impacts.

A cost effective and non-pneumatic solution was therefore required. Our solution comes in the form of a unique and highly robust molded PU foam wheel on a PE plastic hub. The wheel is mounted on a substantial bracket (stainless steel and galvanised options available) with double plane (perpendicular) fastening points and a large diameter axle. All of this re-design and 

re-engineering now provides the necessary strength and deflation-proof cushioning for the benefit of both the dock master and the boat owner.

The Main Features


  • Quality 316 stainless steel bracket for increased performance and longevity (hot dip galvanised construction also available)
  • Large diameter wheel hub and bracket axle for substantial load bearing capacity
  • Offset  fastening on two perpendicular planes for maximum stability and protection for the dock
  • Molded self skinning PU (polyurethane) foam for exceptional cushioning and boat protection
  • Substantial closed cell memory foam construction means docking wheel is puncture proof
  • Solid (10mm) injection molded PE polyethylene wheel hub for smooth, maintenance-free operation
  •  Unique designer tread pattern